Atlantic Management Logistics Service offers our Customers a complete Traffic Management Program that will coordinate all your prepaid traffic from door to door, implementing the proper equipment for timely and cost effective shipping. We negotiate all pricing incorporating constant monitoring of rates and schedules. Included is our Freight Audit System that provides freight bill audits on a weekly basis, proper document procedures (BOL’S), freight tracing and tracking, all customs procedures for both import and export, that will ensure each job is done in an efficient and cost effective manner.
Atlantic Management also offers our Customers a Transportation Consulting Service that can streamline any transportation project that you have. We will provide the expertise that will address every aspect of your Transportation equation to make sure that your Transportation projects are on time and within the set parameters.

The following are services, which Atlantic Management will provide to customize your traffic requirements:

- Complete traffic management for inbound and outbound products assigning the proper equipment for cost-effective transportation worldwide.
- The service provider bills all traffic invoices directly to your company.
- Complete freight audit and monitoring.
- Claims Tracking, Tracing, negotiating and monitoring.
- Damage inspection. (reports and negotiating)
- Freight Tracing and Tracking.
- Proper document procedure. (Weights, dimensions, cube etc.)
- Proper Customs clearance and procedures
- Warehousing and Logistics Management Services
- Rail, Air and Marine services.
- Interline services from all major points to off line areas.
- Billing services (BOL’s, Probills, Manifests, etc.)
- Cross-Dock Facilities Canada/USA wide.
- Yard Rental Canada/USA wide
- Tractor Service
- Metro Pick up, Delivery, Courier and Cartage service.
- Commercial Installations.


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