Customers can now optimize plans across the areas of demand, inventory, replenishment, manufacturing and transportation using Supply Chain Solutions. Transportation Planning capabilities include shipment consolidation and scheduling, automated routing and carrier selection based on transit time.

Transportation Planning Includes:
• Load Control Center
• Shipment consolidation and optimization
• Mode and carrier selection
• Synchronized transportation plans

Transportation Planning

Logility has extended the functionality of Logility Value Chain Solutions, a leading suite for integrated end-to-end demand and supply chain planning, with the acquisition of Distribution Sciences, Inc. (DSi) a premier provider of transportation planning and management software. Transportation Management facilitates the timely execution of the optimized shipping plan developed by the Transportation Planning module. The solution includes load tendering, shipment tracking, and freight audit/payment capabilities. The module will reduce freight costs, improve carrier utilization, and provide comprehensive freight management reporting. Transportation Management integrates closely with Warehouse PRO to efficiently manage the flow of products to ensure that products are delivered to the right location with the best transportation alternative. Integrated analysis reporting is included in both the transportation and warehouse management solutions allowing users to analyze cost and productivity across the value chain.

Transportation Management Includes:
• Load tendering
• Shipment tracking
• Freight audit and payment control
• Allocation of freight cost by shipment, customer, or product group
• Freight management performance reporting
• Windows NT version


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