Bill of Lading (PDF file, 118 Kb)

Atlantic Management Power Point Presentation

Canadian Government Forms

Canadian Invoice Form (Instructions)
Request for Business Number, All Except QC
Request for Business Number, Quebec Only
CFIA Central Canada, Request for Release, CFIA 5272
CFIA Eastern Canada, Request for Release, CFIA 5272
CFIA Western Canada, Request for Release, CFIA 5272

Non-Resident Importer Forms

Non-Resident Threshold Form
Non-Resident Bond

CCRA's Administrative Monetary Penalty System Information

AMPS Master Penalty Document (updated February 1, 2004)
AMPS Master Penalty Document Index (Short Version)
AMPS Master Penalty Document (Short Version)
AMPS Snapshot
AMPS & Contravention 274
CCRA AMPS Presentation
Voluntary Disclosure Program
Tips from the CCRA on Compliance
Penalty Assessment Sample
CCRA AMPS Memorandum

AMPS Updates

Penalty Summary Oct. 2002-Nov. 2002

U.S. Customs Forms

Certificate of Origin NAFTA Form (Instructions)
Cargo Manifest
Application for TIB Extension, CF3173
Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles, CF3299
Declaration for Free Entry of Returned US Products, CF3311
Declaration of Owner for Merchandise Pursuant to Purchase, CF3347
Application for Exportation of Articles Under Special Bond, CF3495
Certificate of Registration, CF4455
Delivery Ticket, CF6043
Customs Declaration, CF6059b
Merchandise Duty Free, Carrier's Cert And Release, CF7523
Inward Cargo Manifest for Vessels Under 5 Tons, CF7533
Notice of Intent Export, CF7553
Reimbursement Certificate - Blanket
Single Country Textile Declaration

Other U.S. Agencies' Forms

Declaration, Importation of Motor Vehicles, DOT HS7
EPA Nonroad Declaration Form, EPA 3520-21
EPA Motor Vehicle Declaration Form, EPA 3520-
Importation of Engines Used in Marine Apps, EPA 3520-28 MARINE V E
FCC 740
Shrimp Exporters And Importers Declaration, DS-2031
TSCA Import Form
APHIS Declaration of Importation, VS17-29


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