Our Traffic Management Program offers our customers an in house traffic management system that will analyze all prepaid freight bills for your company in the fiscal year. By determining what the service requirements are, we can then negotiate the best rates possible and implement the proper equipment to move your product in a timely, cost effective manner. A constant freight monitoring system is implemented by our company to ensure that our customers are being charged the proper freight rates according to the freight quotes.

By analyzing traffic maneuvers, suggestions can be made in order to reduce your entire freight costs by warehouse consolidations, supply chain management, and proper equipment dispatch for Full Load (FTL) or Less Than Full Load (LTL) shipments domestic or international. Our Transportation Network offers a full Tracking and Tracing program to track your shipments on a day to day basis, which enables you as the customer to know where your product is at all times. This greatly reduces the guesswork your buying department or purchasing agents have as they can plan their delivery of product to your customer or supplier base.





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